Portrait Sebastian Marincolo-groß
Photo (c) Thomas Lichtenbergh

Sebastián Marincolo

Sebastián Marincolo aka Dr. phil. Sebastian Schulz is a former student of the philosophers William G. Lycan, Simon Blackburn, and Manfred Frank. His research focuses on the philosophy of mind, neurocognition, and on altered states of mind. Marincolo has published various essays on the cannabis high, co-edited bewusstseinserweiterungen (“mind expansions”), an issue of the German internetzine “parapluie”, and published three books on the cannabis high.

Marincolo also worked with the legendary cannabis expert Harvard Associate Prof. Emeritus Lester Grinspoon on a book project. For more than five years he was a creative director and consultant for one of the biggest foundations in Germany and has more than 25 years of experience as a freelance photographer and photo artist.

From 2017-2020 he worked for Canopy Growth Corporation as the Director of Marketing of Communications, Germany, and was then promoted to the position of Head of Internal Communications, Europe. In these positions he played an essential role in building up Canopy’s medical cannabis brand Spectrum Therapeutics and helped to educate health care practitioners and the public about medical cannabis.



Instagram: marijuana_insights