"Buddha's Belly." Bangkok, Thailand (c) Sebastian Marincolo 2011
“Buddha’s Belly.” Bangkok, Thailand (c) Sebastian Marincolo 2011

Researching the Positive Potential of the Marijuana High

The essays on this blog are the result of more than ten years of my own research. Despite my academic credentials and international acclaim for my work I have never been funded by any research organization. The marijuana high is still a taboo subject and my unique interdisciplinary approach makes it even harder to find institutions to finance my work. Marijuana users from all over the world have contacted me to share their stories about how the marijuana high helped them to overcome traumas, to better empathically understand others, to work creatively, to generate introspective insights and personally grow. They reassure me time and again how much my work resonates with them and how it helped them to use the marijuana high for various enhancements and medical purposes.

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