New Live Class on the Cannabis High, Empathy, & Relationships Coming Soon!

How Cannabis Can Improve The Quality Of Your Relationships

100% Free Live-stream Event!
Thursday December 22nd,
5 PM – 6 PM Pacific / 8 PM – 9 PM Eastern
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Most people crave deeper relationships, better social skills, and a more genuine understanding of self/others. Did you know that the right dose and strain of cannabis can help you achieve these intentions and more?

In this exciting new live-class, renowned cannabis philosopher and researcher Sebastian Marincolo will help you understand:

  • How cannabis can enhance your empathic understanding to connect more deeply with others
  • How to use cannabis to resolve conflicts or differences in your relationships
  • How to set up a favorable environment for cannabis and connection
  • How to make sure you’re using the right dose and strains for improving your relationships
  • How to interact with others who might not approve of your cannabis use to help them see the benefits you receive
  • Ask your questions LIVE and get real answers from the expert

Many users of cannabis have reported that a high significally helped them to empathically understand others better, to get deep personal insights about their partners, children, friends, or family members. Is it true that a cannabis high can help to enhance our empathic understanding of others? How could it be explained that cannabis can positively affect this ability? And how can we use cannabis to experience this amazing effect? Can people on the Autistic Spectrum profit from these effects?

Pre-register for the online course to attend for free here:

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