Here is Your Guide to Using a High!

Do you still need a Christmas gift for your Canaficionado friends? My new little guide “The Art of High. Your Guide to Using Cannabis for an Outstanding Life” is available now as ebook or paperback:

The minimalist guide explains how to use a cannabis high to focus attention, better remember past events, recognize new patterns, or intensify the imagination. Based on his interdisciplinary research, Marincolo shows how to minimize existing risks and use the multiple shifts in consciousness during a high to create art or music, better understand people empathically, enrich one’s love life, or arrive at deep and meaningful insights. Get the book here


“Nobody has ever broken down the nuances of cannabis psychoactivity quite like Sebastián Marincolo in what he calls a ‘bouquet of cognitive effects and enhancements.’”

Gregory Frye, international storyteller, journalist, and cannabis advocate

“Cannabis is a dazzlingly powerful tool for the expansion of consciousness, heightened sense of presence, increased creativity, exalted aesthetic sensibility, and overall bliss… Sebastián Marincolo has written an exquisite manual for getting high responsibly, deliberately, and productively”

Jason Silva, storyteller, futurist, keynote speaker, known for hosting National Geographic’s BrainGames

“Cannabis is one of earth’s power plants on earth, and Sebastian’s book demonstrates how to use it skillfully as a performance enhancer that can help us all understand the states of our own minds. Highly recommended for aspiring and experienced psychonauts.“

Joe Dolce, author, Brave New Weed and host, Brave New Weed podcast
Founder, Medical Cannabis Mentor

“Sebastian is one of the most prolific researchers and thinkers in the area of purpose-driven cannabis consumption. He will help you enhance both life and work with the practical application of cannabis for empathic understanding, idea generation, creative focus, and non-linear thinking.”

Shawn Gold, Founder Pilgrim Soul, a mission-driven company focused on optimizing human creative performance

Order (German version) Paperback/Hardcover/Ebook

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